Zohar Yisrael of Dallas

A Jewish “Chavurah” is a small group of like-minded Jews who assemble for the purposes of facilitating Shabbat and holiday prayer services, sharing communal experiences such as lifecycle events, or Jewish learning.

A chavurah is perhaps one step below being a full fledged synagogue. A chavurah might not own a building, and instead meets in a hotel or individual home.

Some chavurah’s have weekly or bi-weekly Shabbat (sabbath) services. Most of them will offer high holiday services in the fall, such as Rosh HaShanh (Jewish New Year), Yom Kipur (The Day of Atonement), and Sukot (where outdoor “huts” are built and in which meals are enjoyed).

One example of a Sephardic Chavurah is Zohar Yisrael of Dallas, lead by Rabbi Dr Juan Marcus Bejarano Gutierrez. Shabbat services are typically held twice per month, with 10 to 20 people in attendance. The Rabbi has written many books available on Amazon. He also leads B’nei Anusim which helps Latin Americans learn more about their crypt-Jewish histories. The Rabbi also manages the Crypto Jews of Dallas Facebook group.